"UNDERTALE REMIX" is mini-album which includes arrangement of UNDERTALE's BGM.


Saturday, Dec. 31, 2016 - Comic market 91
西ゆ-16a OG-G Music Works

Price : JPY500

Track list

Tr.1 KuraC - Ruins(KuraC Remix)
original song : Ruins

Tr.2 vorbis - Welcome to Snowdin
original song : Snowdin Town

Tr.3 vorbis - SCREW IT!
original song : Spear of Justice

Tr.4 KuraC - Death by Glamour(Doubt Arrange)
original song : Death by Glamour

Tr.5 kama2vern - Farewell
original song : HisTheme

Crossfade Sample


Undertale is a wonderful game with power that makes me who has never made a song to purchase a DAW and even make one song of an orchestra arrangement.
I'm deeply grateful if you listen to "Farewell" and have something to feel in your heart. Enjoy!


There are too many characters I like in Undertale.
But... Actually, I like Tsunderplane-chan most!!
I'm glad if you listen to my music and feel something.


I am sure Frisk is very cute girl.